TL Jones

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Meet Ellie. She is a beautiful woman who has just become a princess. She went from scrubbing floors to living in a big castle. She thought if she married a prince she would be ok, that she would live happily ever after. For centuries, little girls have always believed that when you marry a prince you are automatically guaranteed a “happily ever after”. In today’s society, that’s not always the case. Happily Never After: As it is Written explores what really happens after the lowly maiden says “I do” to the prince. Filled with infidelity, magic, and unforeseeable twists and turns, this book answers the age old question, Do “happily ever afters” truly exist? Or, is it just a facade generated to give comfort before leading to an inevitable doom.

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Years after the kingdom has turned upside down, all is quiet. There appears to be peace throughout the land, but looks can be deceiving. The second installment of the Happily Never After series will not disappoint. The exciting plot twist will make you wonder the characters will go and the cost to get there.​

Get your heart racing as your continue the journey with the second book. You will not be disappointed!


This is not your typical love poetry book. This book explores the depths of a relationship that are often ignored or concealed. All aspects are explored as topics of love and pain and is presented in a raw unadulterated manner. Alphabetical Attractions: 26 stages of love and pain explores love, hate, one night stands, spirituality and much more while spelling it out from letters A to Z. Do you know your alphabet?

This poetry book has a little bit of everything for everyone. Get lost as you rediscover the alphabet all over again.

As an added treat, click on LISTEN HERE to hear some of the poems from the book read by TL Jones herself!

In a village, far, far, far away, Lupe and her friends go out to play. Although they have been friends for a long while, Lupe's meanness drives everyone wild. After a time, Lupe gets out of control. Her friends don't like it and let her know. Will Lupe bring her rudeness to an end or risk losing all her friends?

A cute book with a moral infused in it's pages. It is the perfect book to share with your little one!