Listed Poet of the Month - November 2016

Towards the beginning of my author career I had the pleasure of being interviewed for my local news station. The person who interviewed me was so caring. She made the experience memorable, not to mention that her editing skills are impecable! This story really captured the essence of who I am and what I went through to get here. I am hoping to do another follow up with them soon! 

In the meantime, take a walk with me down memory lane.

It's nice to be recognized for the things that you do! I want to thank for awarding me this opportunity! If you haven't already, go to the Products page to purchase the book. Or, press the button below to go directly to the website to view information about me and my book. Even after the promotion has ended, I still encourage you to go the website and support African American author's of all genres! This is a great site to find even greater reads. 


TL Jones

Interviewed by Julee Jonez 

This opportunity changed my life. This magazine will be jewel of Kansas City in no time. I had the pleasure of being included in the first ever edition of this magazine. The people were great and the experience was nothing short of amazing.  I have never in my life been surrounded by people who had prestige but also showcased such class. I will never forget this opportunity for the rest of my life. The launch party actually launched my career. I will forever by grateful to the staff.

If you are wanting a book that highlights some of the major influences while giving you non-stop entertainment this magazine is the one for you!

It's one thing to grow up listening to someone on the radio and being enamored. It is another to actually meet them and be interviewed for their own personal show! I had fun doing the interview and she made my first time a breeze!!!! Make sure you check out her site after you listen to my interview. I promise you won't be disappointed.